Inner Peace

As a young adult finding her way through life, stress and anxiety seem to always be one step behind me. I’m a worrier, I always have been, as well as a thinker – sometimes an over-thinker. Apparently as a child I was always into worst case scenarios – what if the ceiling falls down? What if this doesn’t work? I remember being reassured by my family but also chided for being such a pessimist. In my twenties now, I appreciate my “pessimistic” side, mostly because I see it from a different perspective. I see it as being realistic – life has its ups and downs and I’d rather think of what the worst case scenario is and let life pleasantly surprise me or be totally prepared to ride that wave that I can see is heading towards me to knock me down.

I was thinking of this idea of inner peace recently, mostly fuelled by the ideas of Yasmin Mogahed – a very prominent female speaker in the Muslim world. She has the most soothing way of phrasing things and totally logical manner – I love her. It is human to stress and worry about things and to have that idea of “I’m not good enough” in whatever it is that you do. Mogahed’s words were laced with Islamic thinking and teaching but her ideas are relevant to those of other faiths and those of none. Coming back to my idea above  about me being a pessimist, thinking the worst will happen to me, putting myself down when maybe I should be more positive about myself, not sure where my life is heading or what is in store – you know, the usual. But using her example, think of this: if your mother came to give you a lift and you got in and she started driving but wouldn’t tell you where she was going, would you call the police on her? No. Why? You trust her, it’s your mother. In the same way for us as Muslims, Allah is our driver and we should trust in Him driving our life. For those that don’t believe in God etc, fate, destiny, whatever name you want to give it, that is your driver. Sometimes you need to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

“Past is a place of reference not a place of residence” – more wise words from Mogahed and so true. If there is something in your life that you aren’t proud of that you did before, use it to guide you, to learn from. It will help you grow. Even if it is a case of there isn’t anything you are ashamed of in your life, you might be doing the same mundane routine over and over. Use your present and your future to do new things, push yourself and be amazed at what you can do with yourself.

Why the motivational post? Because sometimes in life you need a pep talk and sometimes the best person or the only person to give yourself one is you. I know I definitely needed a bit of a boost – things get you down or confused and you feel like you are losing control but really, you are more than capable of keeping yourself going no matter what. Find your inner strength and love yourself.

I’ll try and keep the next post less “life coach” like…

Till next time,

Salaam/Peace and love xx



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